My friend Pam has invited me to go to yoga with her many times and I’ve always declined.

I tried yoga a few years ago and never really got into it. I didn’t know anyone there and felt out of place. Plus there was always something better to do than go back.

If you know me at all, you may know that I can be a bit wired (hence the name of my blog), especially if I’m passionate or excited about something. I love being busy and have tried to master multi-tasking.

So after Pam invited me multiple times, I thought she may be on to something. The way she talks about yoga, you would think it had saved her life. Who knows, she has a very stressful business so maybe it has. So, this time, because I wanted to get her off my back spend time with her I said yes.

I must admit I was feeling pretty pumped because I found my “yoga socks” from a few years ago – you know the ones with grip things on the bottom and holes for your toes? I kept on my leggings I’ve been wearing every day put on new leggings, put my hair up and I was ready to go.

When we arrived, everyone was very nice, and it felt very zen in there. Soft music, dimmed lights, and kind people. What could be bad about that?

Pam assured me before going in that this is a relaxing class and there wouldn’t be any weird contorted movements required of me. Phew.

This class was full so I was thrilled the lights were dimmed and we were in the back. We took our places on our mats and began. Here’s a view into what my class was like…


Sit comfortably and breathe in, breathe out.

I’m doing yoga! This is easy!

Lay on your back in the ??? position and roll to the side. Breathe in, breathe out.

What position did he say? It is hard to see what everyone else is doing when it’s kind of dark in here. Ok I will just lay like this and close my eyes.

Five more deep breaths.

Five more? How many should I have taken already? What is that noise? Is that people breathing loud?

Seated forward bend now…

Great. I can’t even touch my toes. I’ll just stretch and put my head down and pretend I’m graceful.

A few more minutes. Deep breaths.

A few more minutes? Crap I forgot to breathe again. Seriously, is there a contest to see who can breathe the loudest? Extra credit for that maybe?

Ok, we’ll move into the cat pose.

This is better, I can do this. Hmmm, I wonder how often these mats are cleaned?

Move down into the sphinx. You can have your head up or relax it down.

Head down, that is nice. Ugh, my boobs are in the way. How am I supposed to take a deep breath like this?

Five more minutes. Breathe in…

Did he just say 5 more minutes? I can’t breathe. I’m going to pass out because my boobs are keeping me from breathing. Great. That will make a nice headline. I need to work on my blog. Maybe I’ll write a post about this.

Ok everyone, great work. Back to a resting position where you are comfortable.

Deep breaths.

Look at my toe nails, I need a pedicure. What is on my schedule this week? Yes, a blog post about this would be good. I hope it warms up soon, it’s been so cold. I wonder if my husband started dinner yet.



Wait, we’re done? Hmm that went by quicker than I thought. I’m so out of shape. How can it be that hard to breathe? I breathe every day right? I need to work on breathing. Yes, that’s what I’ll work on this week.


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So that was my class experience. Can anyone relate? I apparently have issues turning my brain off. And breathing. But you know what, I can’t wait to go back! I figure I should be able to take at least one hour a week to try and breathe. And not think.

Do you do yoga? I was surprised to find there are so many different yoga classes. What kind of yoga do you do?

Ok, I’m off to work on my breathing. As long as I can do that while I’m drinking my coffee and reading Facebook. 🧘‍♀️

*Please note, I know the position names etc. are not correct in this post. It was all I could do to figure out what I was doing, I couldn’t memorize it all!

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